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Gacha Neon: The Ultimate Guide to the Neon-Themed Gacha Life Mod

Welcome to Glitch Gacha Neon its a fun game about New Outfits glitch gacha and clothes, & neon characters of course.Fun race Dressup game with alots of clothes, skins, costumes, more expressions. and also call game with gacha glitch characters.

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Ok, every button you click comes an ad, thats why we hope it works with no internet. So we can remove the ads but it seems fun, it shouldnt be that bad. On with the fun, you cant make a character first of all, its kinda boring, but you can use this app to get stuff to gacha club or gacha life, its like a mod! So we decided instead of hate, like 1 star. We will give it a three.

You probably read the title but theres so much ads and you get to play the game well when you think about it its pretty weird because how you feel about it and it doesnt depend if you like it or not like it is we dont really like it because the way that the ads go and so much ads if we say you dont have to download it because we want is really annoying all you had to do is oh Im gonna play next thing you know add and you want to change the outfit add and you want to do something else ad come on white ads we mean at least change it with ads and Ill give it like five star but like come on thats not very good so yeah its OK because we like it the games is fun but when we try editing it doesnt work the game doesnt even let you edit or avatars so Ill probably say you can on download this game and play gotcha life or Gacha club its more better because you can edit and you can make more avatars from it but why that like why do you have to do ads with all the avatars and like OK come on like we dont really like the game its not really funny but we really hate it if you agree with us say the same thing we said.

This app is fake it only has funny call witch is not funny at all and it says that you can create charaters on the add but yeah this is a scam DO NOT DOWNLOD THIS APP IT IS A LIE And you should just go downlod gacha life or gacha club and not this because it is a scam.

So we thought it was like gacha club/life to make gacha characters with more clothing/etc but when we got it, we hit something and it pulled up a copy of a fake game, So we were confused, so we hit menu them it pilled up the main game Then it gave us a ad of itself, and there was other fake games and boring stuff, Dont think you should get it, its NOT what you think at all. The developers just want to make money, so they make these fake games. Dont get it,

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