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The Reliquary

How wonderful it is to recall precious memories. We hold records of all the events in our lives somewhere in the recesses of our brain but sometimes we need a little trigger to bring them up and relive them again and again. That’s why we put photos on our walls or place souvenirs around our rooms. A treasured item brought back from the best vacation ever is a great conversation starter and a terrific way to share unforgettable memories.

Let me introduce you to the Reliquary. Originally it was a container that held holy relics but here it is a beautifully hand-crafted stained glass vessel that holds mementos, keepsakes, souvenirs – anything you want.

Since they are custom made, the shapes and sizes differ to hold a little or a lot. The strangest souvenir I’ve put in a reliquary is dirt. My client collected dirt from every place she visited so you can see the sky’s the limit on what you can put in your reliquary.

The reliquary makes a very special gift that can be handed down through generations so the memory that’s captured is never forgotten. 


How It Works

Gather Keepsakes

 Are your souvenirs and special memories hidden in the closet or storage? Let's take them out and create a spectacular piece of home decor to show them off. 


Keepsake Forever

Souvenirs from a vacation, a special memory or ashes from a loved one or pet can all be capsuled in a way you would have never thought. Keep it for yourself or make it a unique gift; either way you have  have a great conversation starter.

Reliquary Ideas - Choose an existing design or let's create one together.


"I absolutely love the reliquary. It sits proudly on my desk at work. At the top I keep pens and flowers while the bottom section allows me to go down memory lane whenever I want." Thanks a million Kelly! Tracy - Texas

Custom Reliquary Box Builds start at $75.00
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