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Ratchet Deadlocked

This all works really well with the themes of the series, and especially the first game. The galaxy was obsessed with money and celebrity worship, blinded by fake news and bullshit commercials. Some of that remained in Up Your Arsenal, but it was mostly gone in favour of wacky supervillain antics. Here it's all put to the forefront again, through an expanded take on the Arenas introduced in ratchet 2. And it's so satisfying to see Ratchet go through the machine and tear it all down when he could just accept the money and stay as a star. In fact, this game has Ratchet as the closest he was to 1, where he was more self-interested. At the beginning, he's tempted by the money and fame of the arena even though he was kidnapped. It's a bit unearned considering how much of a boy scout he was in the last two games, but still appreciated. He actually gets to have some growth again.

Ratchet Deadlocked



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