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Toshiba Satellite Pa3489u-1mpc Driver: Everything You Need to Know

Until this day, the Toshiba Satellite P3489u is still going strong. While a lot of laptops in today's market are crammed with tons of features, Toshiba is not one of them. This guide will show you how to install the latest driver for your Toshiba Satellite P3489u laptop. This guide will also tell you how to fix a problem that might occur when your laptop's batteries are low. If you have a Toshiba laptop that does not have this feature, you can still use your Windows machine without trouble. Connect the AC adaptor to your Toshiba laptop. Press and hold the F12 key on the keyboard. While holding the F12 key, press the Power button to turn on the laptop. When the Toshiba logo appears, release the F12 key. Press the F12 key again. Use the arrow keys to select the USB Drive option and press the Enter key. The Toshiba laptop will now boot from the USB flash drive.

Toshiba Satellite Pa3489u-1mpc Driver

1. First, you should download the correct service manual to your computer. Connect the Toshiba Satellite laptop to the power source. Do not unplug the AC adapter or turn off the circuit power if the battery is running out of power. Unplug the power adapter of the laptop from the wall socket. Then press and release the F1, F2, and F8 keys. Continue pressing each of the F1, F2, F8, F9, and F10 key as they appear.

2. Wait until you see the Toshiba desktop and the BIOS splash screen appears. Keep F1, F2, F8, F9, F10 and the ESC button pressed until you see a menu where the following options are available:

5. Wait for the driver update utility to check the current status of the computer or install the driver. Do not turn off the power or unplug the AC adapter until the driver has been successfully installed.


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