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The Reliquary

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

How wonderful it is to recall precious memories. We hold records of all the events in our lives somewhere in the recesses of our brain but sometimes we need a little trigger to bring them up and relive them again and again. That’s why we put photos on our walls or place souvenirs around our rooms. A treasured item brought back from the best vacation ever is a great conversation starter and a terrific way to share unforgettable memories.

Let me introduce you to the Reliquary. Originally it was a container that held holy relics but here it is a beautifully hand-crafted stained glass vessel that holds mementos, keepsakes, souvenirs – anything you want. Since they are custom made, the shapes and sizes differ to hold a little or a lot. The strangest souvenir I’ve put in a reliquary is dirt. My client collected dirt from every place she visited so you can see the sky’s the limit on what you can put in your reliquary.

This reliquary holds a memory in the lower half while the upper half is open to dried flowers, pens and pencils or anything else you can imagine.
Double Feature Reliquary

The painted ashes here keep a loved one near.
Precious Memory

Bring home sand and shells from your next trip to the beach and look what you can do with them.
Sea shells from the sea shore

The reliquary makes a very special gift that can be handed down through generations so the memory that’s captured is never forgotten. I saw a quote on that said “Life brings tears, smiles and memories; the tears dry, the smiles fade but the memories last forever.” I’d say that’s spot on how it works.

There are many ways we can hold onto our memories; capturing them in photos, telling stories and even going back to where the memory was made just to name a few. I hope you’ve found a new way to capture your memories as you read this post.

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