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a very old expression, "as old as the hills," gives an idea of how much time and effort had been spent going over one of the greatest acts in film history. critics, historians, historians of cinema, and specialists have examined every single scene, every line, and every shot for any possible hidden meaning, often to no avail.

Eastward crack english


in response, gorbachev and his advisers did not discuss any eastern european enlargement, nor did they see this as a historical inevitability. however, it should be borne in mind, according to the documents, that some previous treaty provisions (even after the collapse of the ussr) might prevent an enlargement of nato to eastern europe without discussion. gorbachev and his advisers did not know what these provisions were. all they knew was that they wanted no expansion without discussion, or unilaterally.

baker had declared before gorbachev:i think its pretty clear.. that these documents are signed, the wall falls, and there is no question that nato will move. gorbachev responded that the development of security would be a joint endeavor of our two countries, and nato will be treated as an association of countries. gorbachevs response would be the basis for the subsequent negotiations.

gorbachev said later to his colleagues that he could only believe that those nations who were interested in expansion were those with nuclear weapons. he saw no reason, other than the threat of nuclear war, why their policy should not continue. but he had no desire to negotiate any treaties for expansion of nato into eastern europe. he recalled that u.s. vice president george bush had told him that he should regard nato as a guarantee against a russian attack. gorbachev had no intention of starting a nuclear war, however.


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