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Buy Iphone 6 Phone Only ((FREE))

I cannot get updates for this new iphone 6S plus it is stucked on ios 12.5.5 and i cant get the latest apps and some games when I download it crashes or the phone exits by itself.....please help me fix this what should i do ?

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I held down the phone's right hand side power button and the front home button at the same time, for about ten seconds. Then the Apple logo came back on the screen, and after a few minutes I was able to redo the set up process. I had tried that previously without success, but I hadn't held the two buttons down for long enough - it took about 10 seconds before the phone eventually responded.

BEFORE1) My Iphone 6 is dead. 2) When I plug charger in, there is no battery symbol that tells me it's charging.3) Without the charger, hitting any button does NOT bring up the batter symbol.

Ok So it appears that the phone is in some sort of dormant stage. If you try to charge it for 30 Minutes and it is still dormant, (No battery symbol, then From My experience, it's not charging or recognizing the charger. So this next step is touch and go, but it eventually works.

1) Let phone charge for an Hour2) Keep cable plugged into phone, but remove it from the computer or wall plugin. 3) Hold Home button and right hand side button down at the same time for like 30 seconds. 4) Your battery symbol will return. (If it doesn't, plug back in and repeat steps every 10 minutes)5) Plug the USB connector back into the computer or wall plug. 6) Leave phone alone to 10-15 minutes while it charges enough to turn it on.

Dead set serious, I have this problem too. ONLY difference is that this is on the same day as when I purchased it. My battery is at 100% and hasn't turned on for a good 7 hours now. However, this occurred when attempting to restore my phone from an iCloud backup. I have tried all these recommendations from that apple specialist and have had no success. I guess I have no option but to set up an appointment with the apple genius bar, as the lady from the apple store told me, and if he can't diagnose the problem, I will get a replacement phone free of charge.

2. When I plug the phone into a wall outlet or into my macbook, I get NIL responses. I've had iPhones for years now and have never seen such unresponsiveness. I'm assuming it's hardware related because of this so how many other iPhones are affected?

- The home screen appears: The iPhone should be working. Update to the latest version of iOS if necessary. Continue charging it until it is completely charged and you see this battery icon in the upper-right corner of the screen . Then unplug the phone from power. If it immediately turns off, seek service.

Thank you for sharing this method - worked for my iPhone 6 plus too. The phone was working perfectly fine until this morning, after waking me up with the set alarm, suddenly died. Tried charging but no respond. Finally followed your suggestion - press wake/sleep & Home button until the phone start up again. Now its working fine.

Naj16- I just bought my 16gig iphone 6 last night at Costco. Worked fine last night, fully charged. Just did a restore to get my texts and photos back from my iPhone 5s and I'm having the same problem!! wont even turn on. When I plug it into a wall socket, no indicator that its charging nor will it turn on. Plug it into my MAC and I can see the phone, but no option to roll back the restore. I'm not happy at all about this as the phone won't even turn on to attempt any type of repair. I'm in the same boat my friend. I'm going back to Costco after work and asking for a new phone.

Im having the same issues too. Just turned my phone off and when I powered back on it won't leave the apple logo screen. It's a new phone... Only three days with it and I'm already having issues. Very disappointed as well.

Picked up my iPhone 6+ 128g phone today, working fine. Took home and synced to iTunes--chose restore from my iPhone 5S. Seem to work fine, got iTunes message that restore was done and that my phone would come back on and show up in iTunes. Phone went black....and stayed black. Won't come back on now. Charged 100%. If I hold the power button, it shows the Apple logo for a short time, then goes black again. Tried power and home buttons for 10 seconds, Apple logo comes on. I let go and after a short while logo is back off. I hold power and home buttons for longer, logo comes on, stays for a while, goes black for a while, comes back on for a while, goes black again for good. No clue what to do. Haven't even made one phone call yet.

I just restored my new iPhone 6 Plus from my itunes backup and it went dead and will not turn back on. When I plug it into my macbook it registers but I can't turn the phone off. I literally have had it out of the box for under an hour. Incredibly disappointed at this.

Update: Went back to phone store last night. They tried three different "secret" ways to wipe the phone completely, reload the ROM, so it makes it a brand new phone again. It took over two hours for them to work on it. All three methods failed as the phone would not stop being a brick.

No you cannot buy more storage space for the phone. It will always have the amount of storage it came with. the only way to get more space is to delete photos, messages, apps, etc.. Be sure to save important photos and data to your computer or external drive. Be sure to read the link in blue which you have already found.

What you should do, or actually should have done is purchase a phone with enough memory to meet your needs. Once purchased, the storage is fixed and can NEVER be increased. If you need a phone with more memory, sell your phone and buy one with more memory.

"I have 64GB But i want to have more GB on my phone. What should i Do? Not iloud: I have iPhone11 64GB But it seems i have too much app but i all need. Is there a way that i can purchase more GB instead of changing a phone? Not iCloud. Just regular device storage"

There has never been a big difference between the price of the lower capacity and the larger capacity models so we would always advise you to spend a little more to get more storage (although now that we can also rely on iCloud for storage the on-phone storage matters less).

Note that there was a problem with the batteries in the iPhone 6 and 6s models with Apple criticised for slowing down older phones to prevent shutdowns and maximise battery life. There was a program in place whereby Apple would replace the batteries but that is now finished (Apple ran a free replacement program from 2016 to the end of 2017 and a paid for program until the end of 2018). Read more about the battery problems here.

Again, the camera technology used in both of these phones is very similar indeed. Both have been bumped up from 8-megapixel to 12-megapixel, which means that images are even more detail-packed. Apple has also reduced colour leak between pixels, resulting in cleaner images.

The iPhone 6S will still comfortably last you through a full day of moderate usage, while the iPhone 6S Plus can stretch to two days. The bigger phone is by far the better bet if you frequently find recharging opportunities hard to come by.

The standout feature on the iPhone 6S is 3D Touch. Similar to Force Touch on the Apple Watch and newer MacBooks, it allows the display to sense the pressure of your finger presses and unlocks new capabilities when you press down at different levels of pressure. Starting today, it will become widely available in a handful of third-party apps. But Apple has also baked enough functionality into its stock apps and inside iOS 9 for you to start getting used to living with what some are calling "right click for your smartphone" right now. 041b061a72


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