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Assoluto Racing: The Most Authentic Driving Experience on iOS

This game is so much fun. We love this game. We already got our favorite maxed out (2020 Toyota Supra) and we have been having so much fun racing. Every thing is awesome about these cars especially the physics. Its so realistic with how the cars drive and how they sound. You guys also have really cool viewing angles and stuff but you dont have the one where its first person and you get the view of the driver. You should add it because that would be really cool. We dont know why its not added but our guess is you guys would have to do the interior and that takes a while idk but please add driver POV in the future!!!! You guys show driver POV in the photos for the game but it doesnt let us use it for some reason. Also add more car brands and cars!!! Please!!! Like Bugatti, Bentley, Alfa Romeo and car brands like that please because those cars are really cool and you dont have them in the game. You guys should also add TESLA please that would be really cool. We love this game!!!! The only complaint we have is it needs more stuff and the multiplayer. First of all it would be cool if you guys had a stage race option. Sometimes we just want to go fast with out all the turning roads. Also you guys should have a city driving option where we can drive in a city like environment. That would be really cool. Also, it would be awesome if you guys could add a map that has an infinite straight away road that never ends. Sometimes we just want to go as fast as possible and see just how fast the car can go and what the limits are of our car. You guys should also allow us to add visual customization like stickers or anime decals or custom spoilers. We cant really change much besides the color and the rims. The only cool customization are whats already prebuilt on to it. If there is a cool racing spoiler on it you cant take it off or put one on a car that doesnt one. We want the cars to be more customizable. Now the one actual problem with the game is that the Multiplayer never loads!!! We can never match with someone online in multiplayer. It says 7 second estimated wait time and we end up waiting 12 minutes and NO ONE JOINS!!! So we just leave and play with bots. We dont know why no one joins. Maybe you should open up the servers so we can play with anyone in the world and not just our region so we have more people to play with online. Please fix this. You should also allow us to have friend lists so we can add our friends and see if they are online or not. You should also allow us to trade and donate/gift cars to friends. That would be soooo cool. Also, you should add an ability to make our own decals and trade them as well. That would be really cool. It would be so awesome if we can customize everything about the car from the decal to the spoiler and to the vents!! And then trade them around with our friends like rare Pokmon cards!!!. Thank you sooo mucchhhhhh!!!!! This freaking Awesome!!!!!!! It would also be cool if there was an option to have realistic damage on the car because right now we can crash into a wall at 180 mph and just bounce off of it really hard but with not even a scratch on the car . Please add this as an option. It would be so cool!!!

This game is awesome best racing game on the app in our opinion but we would love to see more engine customization and tuning in the future that would make this the perfect game, (and also make bmw more affordable please)

assoluto racing ios download

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This is hands-down the best mobile racing game, and its free! There are many cars, and different types of cars for different tastes. The upgrading and customization is very diverse, with many colors, rims, and upgrade options. It also has an Exotic Imports dealership, where you pay gold to get special cars that you cant buy in the normal dealership. The track selection is absolutely amazing, with many to choose from as well as an option for multiplayer if you make an account. Our only complaint is that they do not update very often, and when it does come out there is less new content than expected. Overall, we would definitely recommend this game. Get it now!

Imagine what they can develop in 5-10 years once iPhone hardware become stronger/faster and more graphic capable. This game is be fair the best racing game for iPhone right now. Hope they keep up this great work.

One of the best racing games to ever exist would recommend to anyone wanting a simulation like mobile game best bang for your buck cause its free too. We dont know why youre still reading this review when you could be downloading this game right now!!

Really good racing sim, awesome tracks. Id like it if you added an anti cheat system, it is impossible to complete any track in this game in 500 milliseconds, which is half a second, kinda tired of seeing the leaderboard full of cheaters that somehow teleport to the finish line, maybe they just back up then go forward idk. You guys have an AWESOME selection of cars, better than a lot of AAA racing games. PLEASE ADD MORE CORVETTES, pls C6 and the newest C8. Maybe more Toyota corollas, supra MK4.

Firstly, Assoluto Racing is the most popular app in all over the world. Therefore, Assoluto Racing ipa file free download for iPhone iPad at ios Smartphone. Also, you can hare Assoluto Racing apps latest version of 2.8.2 ipa file free download on the apple apps store. Maybe, The Assoluto Racing apps developed by Infinity Vector Ltd. Similarly, you can first and easily search your favorite iOS apps on their website. After that, You can not only Assoluto Racing apps install, but you can also every method free download from our site.

Are you looking for a direct download link or apple store link for Assoluto Racing ipa file apps? If your answer is yes, You have come to the right place. Above all, you can use the iPhone or iPad device. At a time easily Assoluto Racing ipa file free download just a simple and auto-install in your mobile device. Every ios device is a high-security smartphone in the world. So I think you have an apple apps store account. If you have not to account, first create an apple app store account. Easily you can create an iTunes account on your iPhone or iPad. also read: CSR Racing

However, Download Assoluto Racing ios apps are on Racing categories. The rating of This average app on their website is 5.0 out of 5 stars. Above all, Assoluto Racing iPhone, iPad apps are rating 4.6 out of 5 stars according to different rating platforms. You can also find Assoluto Racing apps on our website So that our traffic or users getting a useful idea of the application for the iPhone iPad at the iOS device. Download Assoluto Racing ipa file free for your ios device Must need minimum Requires iOS 10.0 and watchOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Every time recommended related apps download like Temple Run and Words With Friends Classic.

At last In the end words of this content. Here we have shared Assoluto Racing apps free download Update version for all iPhone iPad at ios devices. We have added the official download link for everyone. In conclusion, you can download this app for free. If you have any Questions, So that fell free to comments below. We will reply to you soon.

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Sometimes, apps encounter problems while installation. or need to older version apps. provides the latest and older version apps. you can easily Free download ipa file for your iphone & ipad just a simple click thanks.

  • Assoluto Racing is a free app for iOS published in the Action list of apps, part of Games & Entertainment.The company that develops Assoluto Racing is Infinity Vector Ltd. The latest version released by its developer is 2.12.13. This app was rated by 1 users of our site and has an average rating of 5.0.To install Assoluto Racing on your iOS device, just click the green Continue To App button above to start the installation process. The app is listed on our website since 2023-02-14 and was downloaded 219 times. We have already checked if the download link is safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded app with your antivirus. Your antivirus may detect the Assoluto Racing as malware if the download link is broken.How to install Assoluto Racing on your iOS device:Click on the Continue To App button on our website. This will redirect you to the App Store.

  • Once the Assoluto Racing is shown in the iTunes listing of your iOS device, you can start its download and installation. Tap on the GET button to the right of the app to start downloading it.

  • If you are not logged-in the iOS appstore app, you'll be prompted for your your Apple ID and/or password.

  • After Assoluto Racing is downloaded, you'll see an INSTALL button to the right. Tap on it to start the actual installation of the iOS app.

  • Once installation is finished you can tap on the OPEN button to start it. Its icon will also be added to your device home screen.

You have installed the latest version iOS14 and after opening Assoluto Racing there are problems? Then this is not necessarily exclusively due to iOS 14 but in the interaction with Assoluto Racing. Because whenever Apple updates its operating system, the developers are asked and may have to make adjustments to their apps.So if you should have iOS 14 problems with Assoluto Racing, it is helpful to contact the developer Infinity Vector Ltd .As a rule, however, this will promptly provide an update for Assoluto Racing in the App Store for download.

Download Assoluto Racing (MOD, Hack Unlimited Money) is a realistic racing game in which you take control of a variety of vehicles with the goal of crossing the finish line first. The 3D graphics, like those in other games like Asphalt, really immerse you in each round.

Racing games were once widely available on the global gaming industry. Since then, the racing game series has grown to be one of the most popular in the world. The racing game has now been elevated to a new level after a long time of development. One such game is Assoluto Racing: Real Grip Racing & Drifting. Before the Smartphone era, when Nokia wit 24 keyboards were popular,


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