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Download Derecho Romano by Guillermo Floris Margadant S. in PDF format

Download Derecho Romano by Guillermo Floris Margadant S. in PDF format

If you are interested in learning about the Roman private law and its historical development, you might want to check out the book Derecho Romano: El Derecho Privado Romano by Guillermo Floris Margadant S. This book, which is not a pure dogmatic nor a pure legal history work, but rather adapts to the needs of legal education in Mexico by constantly referring to the contemporary legal problems of national life, covers topics such as: history of Roman law, the Twelve Tables, jurisprudence, the great classics, objective and subjective law, justice and equity, the concept of person, causes of slavery, the historical phases of the Roman procedural system, the sources of patria potestas, dissolution of marriage, etc.

guillermo floris margadant derecho romano libro pdf download

The book was published by Editorial Esfinge, S. de R.L. de C.V. in 2010 and has an ISBN of 1299442129. You can find it on Google Books[^1^] where you can preview some pages or buy it online. Alternatively, you can also download a free PDF version of the book from Scribd[^3^], a platform that allows you to read and share books online. However, you might need to create an account or sign in with your Facebook or Google account to access the file.

We hope you enjoy reading this book and learning more about Roman law and its influence on modern legal systems.One of the main features of Roman law is its flexibility and adaptability to different historical and social contexts. The Roman jurists were able to create and modify legal concepts and institutions according to the needs and demands of their time. They also developed a sophisticated system of legal interpretation and reasoning that allowed them to solve complex cases and disputes. Roman law was not a rigid and static code, but rather a living and dynamic body of rules and principles that evolved over centuries.

Roman law also had a significant impact on the legal systems of many countries and regions that were part of the Roman Empire or influenced by its culture and civilization. For example, many European countries, such as France, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc., have legal systems that are based on or derived from Roman law. Even countries that have a common law tradition, such as England and the United States, have some elements of Roman law in their legal doctrines and institutions. Roman law is also the source of many legal terms and concepts that are still used today, such as contract, property, tort, equity, etc.

Therefore, studying Roman law is not only a way of learning about the history and culture of ancient Rome, but also a way of understanding the origins and foundations of modern law and its role in society. By reading Derecho Romano: El Derecho Privado Romano by Guillermo Floris Margadant S., you will gain a comprehensive and insightful overview of the Roman private law and its development from the origins of Rome to the fall of the Empire. You will also appreciate the richness and diversity of Roman legal thought and practice and its relevance for contemporary legal issues. e0e6b7cb5c


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