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Hay Day Bot: How to Automate Your Farm on iOS for Free

Hay Day's farm helper, Rose, can automatically make feed and feed the animals, while Ernest can help you make dairy and sugar products. You can get boosters to use for free. And as the level increases, players can own more and more land. So here comes the problem. You have to spend a lot of time harvesting and growing crops, and when you quit the game, you won't be able to harvest. The game has no farm helpers or boosters to help you harvest and plant. You can't have more crops, harvest seeds for seeds, make products, or even sell crops! The farm helper also can't work if you don't have enough crops.

1. Download the free or VIP version of Panda Helper from the official website of Panda Helper.2. After successful installation, open Panda Helper, search for Hay Day - AI, and download it.Open Hay Day - AI, and you will find that it is the same as Hay Day you installed from the App Store. However, only Hay Day - AI supports using Hay Day Bot. Hay Day, downloaded from the App Store, cannot use Hay Day Bot.

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1. First, download Hay Day from the App Store. If you have already downloaded it, start directly from the second step.2. Download and install Panda Helper for Android on your Android device.3. Open Panda Helper, find Game Bots, and download Game Bots.4. Open Game Bots and get Hay Day Bot.

1. Open Hay Day - AI (Open Hay Day on Android devices)2. Because you downloaded Hay Day from Panda Helper, you will see a panda floating icon on the right side of the screen.3. Click on the panda floating icon and select [Bot] on the right.4. You can see Hay Day Bot and click Get, so you can use Hay Day Bot to play the Hay Day game. Before starting to use Hay Day Bot, you must understand the details of [About] to use Hay Day Bot correctly.

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Players can level up by gaining experience points by building and purchasing pets and decorations. Finally, while progressing, the player will meet Angus, who will give them a fishing tutorial. Hay Day is a strategy video game. And it draws in at least 4 million players daily and is available for download on iOS and Android devices. It will allow the player to customize their farm and decorate it. They can use various items and enhance their farmhouse, barn, and truck along with the roadside shop with customizations.

However, the features that hacks can have are limited by what data is actually stored and processed on the client-side (your mobile gaming device) and some hacks like unlimited coins, infinite diamonds, free diamonds, EXP, Vouchers and similar Hay Day cheats are sadly not possible to achieve, though that would be extremely awesome to have. Any hack, tool, generator or online website that claims otherwise is absolutely fake.

While a bot, script or macro can do nothing you would not be able to do yourself, it can do it consistently, does not need to sleep and can do it quickly, allowing you to make millions of coins, get tons of free diamonds and progress a lot faster. If you would like to learn how to set up your own mobile game bot for Hay Day using macro recording apps and software, please check out this tutorial.

Exploiting is the use of bugs in Hay Day in order to gain an advantage. Bugs are temporary errors either in the game client code or the servers that can allow for powerful cheats, such as item duplication, unlimited money, free purchases and similarly overpowered cheats. However, these bugs will usually get patched as soon as the developers, in this case Supercell, become aware and very often accounts that used the exploits will be banned from the game. Exploits can be used with no root and no jailbrake on Android and iOS versions of Hay Day respectively, making it the perfect newbie cheat.

An advanced kind of mod for Hay Day, mod menus are not much different from normal mods, but are in essence a premium version of the usual, offering in game menus to turn individual cheat features on and off, allowing for advanced customization of cheats, and sometime allowing for auto updates and other very advanced features. However, while mod menus are certainly the cream of the crop in terms of Hay Day hacks, they are also usually not available as free downloads and will often require burchasing a subscription.

As already pointed out earlier, all generators and tools that claim to offer you unlimited free diamonds, coins, free purchases from the shop, unlimited storage space, trade vouchers, items, tools and similar cheats are sadly 100% fake. However, there are actual game hacking tools for Android and tools for iOS that can be used to mod the Hay Day game memory, but they should only be used following advanced guides and tutorials found here.


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